Virtual Conference


Scientex Conference with inimitable graciousness and at the pivot for might invites all from ubiquitous to attend our 2nd International Conference on Otolaryngology research and treatment. 
The Otolaryngology conference is to be held during the forthcoming time on May 16-17,2024 at Bangkok, Thailand. Where you can get a great acumen of the rearmost developments. We play a necessary part in expanding the reach of exploration data in the real- time, which in turn helps in incubating.
This upcoming Otolaryngology conference will also have the presence of advanced exploration and ways in field of otorhinolaryngology and related to the ENT field
In this global meeting where otolaryngologist from each over the world will visit our prestigious conference and interactively present their exploration work and cloverleaf ideas with prestigious elderly scientists and expiring otolaryngologist.
Attenders can meet ENT experts from delightful countries in erecting their business network, to achieve operation and leadership, to develop logical and exploration Research. Otolaryngology will include councils, keynote and oral donations, bill sessions and special conversations on wide range of concept in the field of otorhinolaryngology.