Virtual Conference

Past Conference Report - Otolaryngology 2023

Scientex Conference successfully hosted its first series of the “International Conference on Otolaryngology Research and Treatment” at City Seasons Dubai Hotel, Dubai, UAE during May 15-16, 2023. The conference, which had the objective of "Delving into the Contrivance in the Field of Otolaryngology" was an enormous success, and renowned keynote speakers from different universities presented to the attendees.
To share their observations as well as their findings about all facets of otorhinolaryngology, scholars from across the world assembled with a dedicated group of ENT medical professionals, otorhinolaryngologists, and otolaryngology scientists, entrepreneurs, doctors, and students.

We want to thank all of the attendees once more for your tremendous support of the event, which enabled us to successfully complete it.

Following the enormously successful conclusion of Otolaryngology 2023, we have the pleasure of announcing our next conference, the "2nd International Conference on Otolaryngology Research and Treatment (Hybrid)", which will take place in Bangkok, Thailand from May 16–17, 2024.